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About UroFizz

UroFizz is a first of its kind health supplement designed to boost urinary tract health. The unique, once-daily, effervescent formula uses a combination of three clinical components: Salvia officinalis (sage), cranberry extract and D-Mannose.

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More about UroFizz...

UroFizz comes in packets of effervescent granules intended for daily use. The granules are absorbed immediately in any liquid and the solution is easy to drink. 

UroFizz is safe for use during pregnancy and has no reported side-effects. It's vegan, has a delicious raspberry flavor, and has been formulated especially for women!


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UroFizz helps reduce painful inflammation and prevent infection-causing bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract walls. 

UroFizz also promotes hydration which increases bacterial elimination of harmful bacteria through flushing.


UroFizz has been developed to boost urinary tract health in women. BioAdvantex cares deeply about women's health. 

We aim to provide education to customers and healthcare providers, innovative product formulation and provide a superior quality product.